Should You Get an Epoxy Coating?

Untreated concrete is prone to damage from severe weather conditions and impacts. It is also easily stained and looks dull. So, how can you avoid this?  


Epoxy coating is the answer to your question. Epoxy coated concrete is a durable and stylish method of protection for wineries, driveways, pool decks, garage floors, basement floors, and much more.   

Even though they’re effective, concrete coatings can fail as time passes by. This is particularly true if the installation is done improperly or if the composition is of lower quality. However, how will you know if it is time for a new epoxy coating?  

Here are several signs that you need to avail of epoxy flooring services Orlando FL:  

The Floor is Changing Color  

There are a lot of epoxy floor coating textures and colors to pick from. You probably put a lot of consideration into selecting the ideal style. A huge change in the general appearance or color of your floor is more than an insult to your aesthetic needs. It can also be an indication of moisture intrusion. Before you apply a new coating, you’ve got to ensure you do not have a vapor issue. Else, you’ll end up with the same problem several years later.   

The Coating is Bubbling or Peeling  

Bubbling or peeling is a certain indication of improper installation. Air will become trapped within the epoxy coating during the installation’s curing stage. This is particularly true if the floor isn’t sealed, primed, and prepared properly. This issue is known as out-gassing. A professional epoxy coating contractor can prevent this issue easily. Peeling happens if the coating is applied on top of dirty concrete. If all moisture, oil, and dirt aren’t totally removed, the coating won’t properly adhere.   

Standing Water is a Common Issue  

You’ve got a water retention problem if your floor is constantly wet or if you’re having a hard time getting rid of spills. There are two reasons behind this. Either vapor is making its way up through the floor under the coating or your concrete epoxy coating isn’t properly sealed anymore. In both cases, you’ll require a new epoxy coating. If the problem is vapor-related, you’ll have to install a vapor barrier first to avoid this problem in the future.   

Uneven Surface  

You’ve got an issue if you can feel bumps and dips as you walk along the epoxy flooring. This is often the natural result of the ground settling. Also, this can result from poor installation. A low-quality roller sleeve, dirty tools, or the failure to get rid of every sandblasting material and debris can leave behind hard lumps.   

Noticeable Cracks  

To adapt to changing temperatures, concrete epoxy coating is made to contract and expand. Unfortunately, over time, the epoxy coating’s elasticity wears down. This can lead to cracks. Cracks aren’t a problem. However, if moisture, dirt, and other particles get inside the cracks, it is where the real problems start. It will result in further damage to your epoxy coating. Thus, it’s ideal to fix them as soon as possible.   

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